“Le foyer  de Reuilly” is an oasis of greenery in the city. It allows you to carry out your life projects and inspires ambition…

Created in 1974, to respond to the housing crisis, “le foyer de Reuilly” welcomes young professionals, jobseekers, apprentices, who come from Paris, from the provinces and from the around the world. Over the years, the profile of young people has evolved and the “foyer” has been able to adapt to these changes. Its constant concern is to offer an increasingly warm and welcoming place with a dynamic team, a variety of activities and care of  its development, all of which are signs of attention.


The presence of personnel 24 hours a day, electronic access badges and internal rules provide real security to the residents.

Interviews at the time of admission ensure  a harmonious life while staying at “le foyer”. Respecting the internal rules will guarantee peace and security for the “foyer”’s life. Security, stability, everything is designed  ​​to foster personal development and allow each individual to affirm her  autonomy and independence.


Members of the team comprising 3 permanent staff, 5 receptionists and 3 to 4 volunteers take turns in order to be available to receive, listen, answer questions and guide 7 days a week.

The welcome booklet and the residence contract promotes integration at “le foyer” and the success of each individual’s projects. The life in “le foyer” involves: meetings around a theme (hygiene, health, budget, housing, employment), individual interviews, moments of relaxation and leisure through parties, games, outings...


 “Le foyer” provides various amenities and services for your comfort.  4 cleaners provide daily services to the “foyer”, one maintenance worker ensures the regular repairs and 3 kitchen staff prepare and serve meals.

126 bright and quiet single rooms of  11 m². Each  room has a single bed, a large desk facing a window, many storage cupboards; a  wardrobe separates the bedroom area and a “bathroom area” with washbasin and bidet. Showers and toilets on each floor.

Self-service for breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday, cafeteria with vending machines for hot and cold drinks, 3 kitchens available to residents on upper floors (lunch, weekends and public holidays).

Computer room: 3 computers are available as well as a volunteer each Monday, wifi access in the rooms and common areas, a telephone on each floor so as to be easily reached and a phone booth on the ground floor.

TV room and projection room, activity room for sport (yoga, gym, exercise bike), music (piano, guitar) and games.

A laundry on the 1st floor with washing machine, dryer, ironing board and an iron available.


The pleasant atmosphere that characterizes the “foyer” is nurtured  with conviviality and with proposed activities. These  allow residents to relax, have fun, develop, achieve professional integration, build muscle, but especially to forge links with fellow residents...



"The Foyer" was my home for 6 months

"The Foyer" was my home for 6 months. It was the first time for me to leave far from my family, but in “the foyer” I found friends that I will have for ever. It’s really nice to come back from the work and have diner with your friends or to run to see your favorite tv programme next door. In summer, the garden becomes the most comfortable place in“the foyer”. “The foyer” counts a lot of activities, especially during the night. The workers are always available to listen to you if you have some propositions, so, do not hesitate to parcipate.

Maitane, pharmacist trainee, (Spain)

I am finally ready for a new “step”.

I have a lot of good memories in “the foyer”, I especially think about the meeting party with Father Gilles, and many others… I apppreciated also the listening, caring and kindness of the social-educative team. After two incredible years in “the foyer”, during this time that I evolved state on personal and professional situation, I am finally ready for a new “step”.

Julie, medical officer (Liban)


61 Rue de la Gare de Reuilly, 75012 Paris

Underground station: Bel Air (6), Daumesnil (6, 8) and Nation (1, 2, 6, 9, RER A)
Bus : Lines 29, 46, 64, 26


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Tel : +33 (0)1 43 45 65 95
Email : foyer.reuilly@orange.fr